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Meet The Digital Dames

The Digital Dames is a duo of lady bosses; Nanda and Paula-Maree. We started working online to live our lives on our own terms and that is what we also want for you. Our goal is to create a sustainable online business model that can be replicated by any aspiring online entrepreneur.

We also work to create a fun space with our students and community so you'll want to keep coming back to continuously learn and enhance your online business.

Nanda Brougham

Durham, United Kingdom

Hey there! I'm Nanda, an Indonesian living in England. I'm an avid scuba diver and ski enthusiast. I left the corporate rat race as I no longer wanted to feel used and abused. I was looking for freedom to create the life I desired. A life where I have no financial worries, where I can do what I love with the people I love and where I can wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead. That's how I got into digital marketing. I now share my methods so you can create your freedom too. 

Paula-Maree Roberts

Melbourne, Australia

Hi I’m Paula-Maree a Kiwi chick living in Aussie with my family, I decided it was time to make some pretty drastic changes in my life and over a year ago I quit my dead end job, and have been happily self employed ever since. My passion in life is to share with you all what I’ve found works so that you can be free and live the life you dream of with an abundance of happiness, good health and wealth. Really it's just as simple as that!

Our Courses

Golden Stash

How 3 newbie girls turned $10 into $250. Unique non - I.M. method that includes access to 100% FREE tools and loaded with proof & extras. Do this on your laptop from anywhere in the world.


Our Queen of Profits that Pays Us $134 commissions every day. She is a breakthrough app that finds & monetizes free traffic from an untapped source of 500 million buyers. Cleopatra automates this profit strategy with done-for-you money pages.


Zenobia reveals a secret source of free buyer traffic marketers have overlooked. It is an underground method that uses free automation software to tap into 478 million active buyers and make us $138 per day in just minutes.

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Xena is a revolutionary new system that “pulls” traffic from one of the world’s busiest websites. Set up takes 5 minutes. Just choose a keyword and click the button for a deluge of hungry buyers. This digital warrior has net us over $214 in commissions a day.


Maeve is a secret hack that harnesses the power of email with zero email list, the magic of YouTube without creating any video and also the mighty force of Google without writing any content. All with a single campaign and 10 - 30 minutes set up.

BadAss Bonuses

A collection of 80+ of our top quality software, courses, tutorials and copy paste templates. Together they are worth over $7,760. You can give them away as bonuses or lead magnets AND use any of them to learn about affiliate marketing, generate a flood of traffic, automate your business, build your list, grow your business, become a super affiliate etc.

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